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Boracay Travel Diary

I WAS not a fan of Boracay. All I knew was that it was one big tourist trap. 

Then my travel style changed over the years and I’m glad I came back.

I spent five days last year and was worried about how the pandemic has changed local tourism in the Philippines. Boracay Island was one of the first famous destinations that opened its doors to the public. 

I highly recommend walking and walking and walking and doing one guided tour. I rarely took a tricycle and just walked around. This trip was a slow-travel since it was the first time I am out and about since the Philippines’ many lockdowns. (Yes! Slow travel in 5 days, I’ll talk about it some more in future posts)

Boracay Island is indeed small, but there are so many good spots worth visiting. And although White beach and Puka beach are the most famous of them, there are other beaches and spots to go. You will truly appreciate Boracay when you immerse with the locals and live like them. 

I was lucky to hire a tour guide who made my day tour wonderful and informative. Aside from taking Instagram-worthy photos of me, he also told me stories, suggestions and recommendations on what to do on the island.  I visited more local shops and restaurants, small businesses, and did most of my solo exploration walking. 

I highly recommend Kuya Bong Arban for a guided tour. He can also arrange your island hopping plus island activities for you.He is very informative, sincere and fun to be with – you will appreciate the island more! Plus, I looked tall and slim in my photos HAHAHAHA

You can contact Kuya Bong thru 09212351568 or DM him via his Facebook or Instagram pages.

I finally saw Boracay in a different way – more than just parties, bars, and taking photos at the beach. 

Have you ever been somewhere where you didn’t find it travel-worthy but gave it a second chance only to discover it’s actually amazing?

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